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  • Indemnity insurance is a type of insurance policy where the insurance company guarantees compensation for losses or damages sustained by a policyholder.Certain professionals must carry indemnity insurance including those involved in financial and legal services, such as financial advisors, insurance agents, accountants, mortgage brokers, and attorneys. Medical malpractice and errors and omissions insurance are examples of indemnity insurance.
  • Professional indemnity insurance, often referred to as professional liability insurance or PI insurance, covers legal costs and expenses incurred in your defence, as well as any damages or costs that may be awarded, if you are alleged to have provided inadequate advice, services or designs that cause your client toStill confused by professional indemnity insurance? Call us on 0800 640 6600. We are professional indemnity experts and will be happy to help with any questions you might have.
  • Is professional indemnity insurance mandatory? In respect of industry bodies' regulatory requirements, many business sectors require PI insurance - accountancy, engineering and surveying to name but a few. Professionals working on a contract basis - such as management consultants, business consultants and IT contractors - will almost certainly need PI insurance in order to be awarded a contract.
  • Professional indemnity insurance offers protection to the insured against claims from third parties resulting from the errors and omissions made by the insured while providing contracting and consulting services. At present, the legislation provides for coverage of professional risks assumed by real estate agents and lawyers as well as by companies rendering services in IT and media sectors.
  • Indemnity insurance is a protection policy sometimes purchased during housing transactions. For a one-off payment you get a policy that covers the cost implications of a third party making a claim against any defects with the property you are about to buy. In other words, an indemnity insurance policy protects you from a specific potential problem with a property that could cost you in the future. For example, if you are buying a property and the seller can’t provide a building regulation certificate then...
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  • Professional indemnity insurance – or PI insurance – is there to protect you if your client loses out financially because of your work. At Simply Business we offer between £50,000 and £5 million in professional indemnity cover.Cover from £10.71 a month, get insured in minutes. (10% of direct debit customers repay their annual policy in 10 monthly payments of £10.71 or less across all our trades insured.