Poor Credit Loans

Poor Credit Loans

The economy is currently very difficult and many families are struggling to manage their finances from month to month. With defaults and foreclosures on the rise, many individuals have now found themselves in the position of trying to manage with bad credit and lower incomes. Some lenders are now offering a range of innovative products to help those with poor credit to find unsecured loans. From personal bad credit loans to paycheck advances, there are many great options for those with poor credit that need to borrow fast cash. Whilst the cheapest and often best option may be to save up and buy outright, this is just not an option for many families in the current economic climate. Sometimes even the most careful planners can find that their budget won’t stretch to meet emergencies such as car repairs, unpaid bills, workplace redundancies, children’s expenses and unexpected life events. If you find yourself in need of quick cash, then why not explore some of the instant approval options on the market – many of which can deposit funds into your bank account by the following working day.

Paycheck Advances

For those who just can’t wait until their next payday, paycheck advances can be a great option to help money stretch further. Some lenders even have same-day approval for those in employment, and this a really good way to manage immediate and unexpected expenses. These poor credit loans are usually for smaller amounts, less than the monthly paycheck, and can be repaid on the next payday, meaning that the loan is short term, unsecured and a great way to get fast cash. If you’re in stable employment and are looking for a quick cash loan then paycheck advances are usually a no-hassle option to cover your expenses, although they are not suitable for using in the long term as many have high interest rates if you lend for more than a couple of months at a time. Those who’ve had paycheck advances in the past may be eligible to lend higher amounts than the initial limits, so it’s worth speaking to your loan provider. If you need something to cover you for longer than a paycheck or two, then poor credit unsecured loans are probably a better option and may help to save you money.

Personal Loans with Bad Credit

Whilst many lenders have tightened up their criteria for potential borrowers, it’s still possible to get a poor credit loan personal lending amount from specialist providers as well as from the big banks. Approaching your own bank in the first instance is often a good way to get the best deal, however if they can’t approve your application then there are lenders who offer tailored products to those with poor credit or previous financial issues. Despite the tightening of legislation and lending criteria, it’s still possible to get a loan even with previous defaults or missed payments. Having a poor credit loan unsecured ensures that your home is safe in the case of default, and is a great way to lend smaller amounts of money and get access to quick cash.

Credit Cards

For short-term lending, flashing the plastic can be a good way to help manage your budget and there are a number of great products which are tailored to meet the needs of those with adverse credit. Spending on a credit card for large purchases such as holidays and home improvements can sometimes also have additional consumer protection implications. Some credit card companies specifically work with people who’ve had financial difficulties in the past, and these ‘credit rebuilder’ cards can be a good way to improve your credit score and access quick cash. Most people will be able to access either credit cards, poor credit unsecured loans or paycheck advances, and a combination of these products can be very useful tools for those who have a bad credit history but need additional finance.