Annuity Settlement

If you are currently receiving monthly premiums as a result of a legal settlement or personal injury, you may very well be able to instead receive a lump sum payment from a structured settlement company. In essence, these companies allow their clients to forgo the future monthly payment processes in exchange for a single amount that is awarded one time only. This can be highly beneficial for those under considerable financial strain, that may currently be unemployed or responsible for mounting medical bills. As there are a number of firms that provide this service, it is important to have a look at some of the highest rated companies in the country and the advantages that each offers.

Stone Street Capital

This company is rated as the number one structured settlement company in the United States. Some of the main benefits associated with their approach are:

  • A clear and transparent filing process.
  • An average turnaround period of between 45 to 90 days from the beginning until the end of the case.
  • A single representative deals with the process, thus helping the process to be less confusing for the client.
  • A history of proven performance and a BBB A+ rating.

Additionally, the customer service is said to be of the highest level at Stone Street Capital and their website provides the ability to directly contact a representative as well as to begin the initial settlement process.

J.G. Wentworth

This company is quite popular due to the amount of advertising time they have secured on television and radio in recent years. This exposure has propelled this company to be rated as the second highest annuity settlement provider in the industry. Much of the initial claims process can be accomplished online and the client will generally receive a personal check or wire transfer within four to six weeks. Therefore, the overall time the settlement takes to be completed is less than with Stone Street Capital. The only noted drawback is that some have stated that their customer service arena may not be as experienced as others in the field. Summarily, some of the main benefits provided from J.G. Wentworth are as follows:

  • A highly reputable and well-known company,
  • An easy online claims process.
  • A relatively quick turnaround time of between four to six weeks.

The only possible weakness is a lack of fully knowledgeable customer service representatives.

CBC Settlement Funding

This Pennsylvania-based firm is a member of the National Structured Settlements Trade Organization and boasts top executives that have worked in a variety of powerful structured settlement firms. Although they have not been operating as long as some of their competitors, their focus on customer service has gained them many new clientele. A particular advantage is that their website provides state-specific information on annuity settlements, thus helping the client obtain a clearer picture of the processes that will follow. This company may have one of the shortest processing times, as they claim most cases can be settled within three to six weeks. Once again, some of the main benefits associated with CBC Settlement Funding are:

  • They have a number of experienced top executives.
  • They are respected for their high level of customer service.
  • They provide state-specific information in regards to the settlement process.
  • They boast a quick payment process of usually between three and six weeks.

Their only disadvantage is that some may consider this firm as not possessing the longitudinal experience as some of their competitors.

As the structured annuity settlement process can be quite involved and be subject to many state regulations, it is best to choose a provider that can address these and any other concerns that you may have. Thankfully, a simple online search can provide many answers and it is always best to contact numerous different companies to ascertain which may represent the best option.