Course Level

If you think that you will benefit from further education, not only must you choose where you complete your studies and what subject you want to undertake, but you must also think about the level of education that you will pursue.

When choosing what level of degree to study at, you will need to take into account a number of aspects:

  • How long you want to study for
  • The cost of the course
  • What you want your qualification to lead to

Types of College Degrees

In general, college degrees come in four types: associate degree, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and doctorate degree.

      • Associate degree: this type of degree takes 2 years to complete and tends to be geared towards undergraduates who have just left secondary school. Some students take an associate degree in order to prepare them for a bachelor degree. However, as an associate degree is a qualification in its own right, some students undertake this type of degree to gain the skills and knowledge for their chosen field of employment.
      • Bachelor’s degree: many students enter a bachelor degree after they have passed secondary school and it can take between 4 and 6 years to complete this type of degree, depending on whether they study full- or part-time. However, a number of students complete an associate degree first and enter a bachelor degree half way through, allowing them to complete it in just two years. A bachelor degree can prepare graduates for both further education as well as a range of professional jobs.
      • Master’s degree: after completing a bachelor degree a handful of students go on to study a master’s degree. This qualification, depending on whether students study full- or part-time, can take between one and three years to complete. A master’s degree not only gives students to opportunity to pursue a subject, but it can really make the resume stand out from the crowd.
      • Doctorate degree: this is the highest form of degree that anyone can obtain. It generally takes around four years to complete this type of degree. There are two main types of doctorate degree, research degrees and professional degrees.

Certificates and Diploma Programs

Certificate or diploma programs are very short education courses that can be completed between 2 weeks and a year and are open to both graduates and undergraduates. This type of program focuses on a very specific area of interest, making them perfect for students who quickly want to accumulate or reconsolidate skills and knowledge efficiently.